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Meet Geoff Albertson: East Bay Plumber Extraordinaire

Geoffrey P. Albertson, MS, CHT, a native of Erie, Pa, arrived in the East Bay in 1972. Despite having a BA in psych, and experience student-teaching science, he chose instead to follow his heart by becoming a Plumber.

Geoff got started working with his Dad on their old house. He spent college summers digging ditches and laying mains with the local Gas Company. During those summers, he also kept busy doing local theater and playing standup bass around town.

For the past 39 years Geoff has been self-employed, doing business in the East Bay and San Francisco as Albertson Plumbing.  During that time, he has taught the Trade, both professionally and though his own business, training dozens of others to do Quality Work. Many of his apprentices have continued in plumbing and are, themselves, successful contractors.

Geoff has continued his love of music, playing everything from Bebop to Bluegrass in a variety of Bay Area venues. He also kept up his interest in Psychology, receiving a Master’s degree in 1991, followed by a Certificate in Hypnotherapy in 1993.

Geoff Albertson currently resides in Oakland.


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