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Our customers speak about Albertson Plumbing:

Trade References for Albertson Plumbing

Jace Levinson, Architect,  AIA, LEED AP

I recently purchased an older two story craftsman home in Oakland, located near Piedmont, and was looking to have plumbing upgrades done in order to improve water quality, allow for free space in planting areas, and improve head clearance in a room where drain lines were poorly installed.
After an initial very bad experience with a plumber, I contacted Geoff who was immediately responsive and insightful. He come to my home the morning following my phone call and was friendly and professional. I could sense immediately that he knew his craft and was comfortable offering advice. He proposed to repair and improve exactly what I requested, gave me a very clear and detailed written proposal, executed the work efficiently with an assistant, and subsequently billed for the exact amount of the estimate.

Geoff is an easy person to work with and seems to enjoy both his work, as well as the interaction with clients. His prices are very fair, and his work is excellent.

John Mora, President,  JBM Construction

I have used Albertson Plumbing as my main plumbing contractor for 5 years and have been very satisfied with all of their work. Geoff Albertson and Albertson Plumbing have proven themselves to be reliable, finishing on time – or before -  and also on budget. I have used them from large to small jobs – both residential and commercial – and time after time have been very pleased with the outcome. Geoff really knows his stuff! I highly recommend him and Albertson Plumbing for all of your needs.

Katy Wafle and Frieda Hoffman, Owners, Local 123 Cafe, Berkeley

Geoff Albertson did a wonderful job with the plumbing for our cafe. The building required modifications to some bizarre existing plumbing and a great deal of new plumbing. Geoff handled all this with the ease of an experienced professional. He and his employees were a joy to work with. I have whole-heartedly recommended Albertson Plumbing to friends and family.

Matt Moran, President, Moran Supply

We have had a close working relationship with Albertson Plumbing since we opened Moran Supply in 1979.
During that time the Plumbing Industry has experienced massive changes, as the world-wide costs of metals have soared, production of materials has moved offshore, and as tankless and solderless and other green technologies have become the norm.

Geoff Albertson has embraced those changes with the same intensity and intelligence that characterizes all his work. He has at the same time maintained the highest level of Craft, continuing to teach younger plumbers the ideals he learned from The Old Guys.

We look forward to working with Geoff and Albertson Plumbing for many years to come, and are pleased to consider him Family.

Garner J. McAleer, President, McAleer & Associates (Contractors)

I have known Geoff Albertson for 30 years, and have worked with Albertson Plumbing for the past 25.
Throughout our many jobs together, I have found his designs creative, his problem-solving skillful, and his prices fair. Albertson Plumbing is reliable, and I would recommend Geoff to anyone…

Residential References for Albertson Plumbing

Dr. Herbert M., Lafayette

Geoff Albertson has been my Plumber since 1974.
I lived in the Berkeley Hills, and he kept my old fixtures in great working order, no matter what the trouble.
When that home burned and I relocated to Lafayette, I asked Geoff to come and to Inspect the place I eventually purchased. I knew that I could count on his insight and his honesty.

Over the years he has redone the Master Bath suite, the Guest Bath and the Kitchen. Most recently, we have spent time troubleshooting leaks in my swimming pool piping. I like to do a lot of the work on my house and I regularly call Geoff for advice and support—even for the non-plumbing stuff.

I like working with Geoff because he is SMART, on the job, and off. He always seems to have a backup plan—or several—and is skilled at finding the most creative solutions to my plumbing problems.

I am pleased to recommend Geoff Albertson to anyone—for anything.

Jan S., Alameda

I wouldn’t let anyone else work on my 1891 Victorian!

Elizabeth H., Albany

I recently moved to Albany from the East Coast. When I needed a plumber to fix some things in my new place, I called up my daughter, my daughter-in-law, and my son, to find out who they used and would recommend. They all named Geoff, with my daughter-in-law going so far as to say “We LOVE our plumber.”

Well, that was enough for me! I called Geoff Albertson immediately. I have found him to be approachable, knowledgeable and thorough. He even saved me $500 – previous owners had been talked into putting in some expensive, unnecessary plumbing which failed, and would have been costly to replace!

Along with the rest of my family, I recommend Albertson Plumbing without reservation!

Lynn F., El Cerrito

Geoff at Albertson Plumbing has been a Godsend! After learning I needed knee replacement a friend of mine suggested I call Albertson Plumbing for help.

Geoff came right over and led me through the design process to modify my bathroom for my recovery from the surgery. He listened to what I wanted and also to what my budget could afford. He even went shopping with me to pick out the right fixtures and get the best deal.

He and his guys were very careful and mindful during the installation, and in the end, the cost was LESS than the estimate!
When I came home from the hospital everything was ready for me to use.

What a great experience! These are the plumbers for me! I recommend Geoff and Albertson Plumbing to everyone.

Eli B., Oakland

Geoff Albertson is craftsman of the old school. He’s one of those wrench-artists who builds things to last.

Eric C. and Brenda H., Oakland

Geoff Albertson has cared for our plumbing for the past 6 years. He has replaced a disposal, fixed faucets and drains, redone our rear irrigation piping and installed a sump system in our flooding basement. It no longer floods!

When we wanted to upgrade our bathroom, Geoff designed us a great one. We were especially happy with the solution he thought of that gave us even more room in the shower.

We enjoy working with Geoff Albertson and have referred him to our friends and

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