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Getting in touch with us is easy!

To make an appointment, or to simply talk plumbing — if you have questions about design, want to grumble about the high cost of world metal futures, wonder why your toilet is going, “glug, glug, bang”, or simply wonder ‘can it be done?’ — please,

just give me a call at my office (510) 839-7450 or on my cell phone (510) 917-2206.

It’s free — and when you do call, it’ll be me, on the other end. I’ll answer between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm, unless you’re having an emergency — in which case, I’ll be there.

Or, feel free to email me at

geoff (at)

I check my email daily.

THANK YOU for your interest in Albertson Plumbing! I hope to hear from you.


Serving the East Bay and San Francisco since 1972
Albertson Plumbing • 540 Mira Vista Avenue #1, Oakland, CA. 94610 • 510 839-7450
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